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One Stitch at a Time

Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's a Moo Two Halloween Blog Train Scrap-Off

And Jacob knew if there was any chance that it could be a baby, he had no choice but to look inside the box. He was within a foot of the cardboard box when suddenly there was a slight movement from the box and the crying ceased, all was quiet except the thrum of the fans in the butchers shop wall.
Download Part 1 Part 2

The next part of the story and blog trian is here

This be me Scraps

Have a lot of fun cause I know we did making all these goodies. Happy Halloween

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Weekend

Have any plans for the weekend? Don't want to deal with all the kids and their trick or treaters, then I have somethings for you to do all weekend.  Moo Two Designs is having a Halloween weekend.  We have some great activities planned all weekend long. From a Scavenger Hunt, Blog Train, Headhunter's Dream, Lost and Found, plus a great Sale all weekend long.


Saturday, October 02, 2010

Lots of goings on to tell you all about today

There is so much going on this month that I don't know where to begin other than I LOVE the month of October. It's such a good month, you have the changing of the leaves, which is so gorgeous. Of course we have Apple picking, all those luscious apples to make pies, apple sauce and other goodies. And then of course we have Halloween, how could you not love Halloween. The one day of the year you can be any body you want, even yourself and your accepted LOL funny isn't. But I love it for the kids, seeing them all dressed up is just to precious.
Ok on with the festivities around the internet today. LOL

First let tell you about the going on at One Stitch At A Time. Stitchy has some challenges for you.
Today we are having some different fun, no sneak Peaks,
Which creator's Digis are getting showcased above? You will have to go over to the blog to see the creators designs. Click here
Fab prize of one of these New releases to the winner Or nearest if there Is lots of correct answers we will use R. Generator to get a winner
What fab Halloween digis this creator  has too and 31% off just now! Now come on pop to shop, get the pennies out let us see what YOU do with them too I will be waiting & Watching! More prizes comimg soon for all who use shop digis too  This winner gets one of these FAB Halloween digis to use!

I have writen a poem about "Halloween at One Stitch At A Time" Bit of Crazy fun ....Now...........
QUESTION NUMBER ONE IS?  How many (Creator Digi Artists )Names or Part names are in this poem?.
QUESTION NUMBER TWO IS? How many (creators Digi artists) have we left out?
A surprize Cafty  Package A  Prize for each two  questions!  You really need to go to the blog and read the poem cause it is so cute LOL I loved it. Just click on Halloween at One Stitch At A Time above and it will take you to the blog.

Now the happens over at Moo Two Designs, we are having some awesome challenges, some are Halloween and some are not but your going to have to come over and find out. There are prizes to be had and Gift Cards to be earned.  Some great fun going on.
Then we our new monthly Designer Collaboration kit called A Dark and Scary Night, this is jammed packed with everything you will need to scrap those Halloween photos, some cute and some scary, little bit of everything for everyone.  Best part is it's on sale till the end of the month for $5.00, your getting a deal here, this kit if pack with close to 641 megs of stuff.

Then you need to go the forum and vote for your favorite Sam's Shirt Come out and Play kit made by our designer contestants, there are some fabulous kits here that you can collect for free. check them out. FORUM   GALLERY 

Friday, September 24, 2010

It's time to vote again in the Great Designer contest at Moo Two

Come vote for your favorite Victorian Christmas set. You do have to be registered in the forum in order to vote. But why not register and then come hang out for a bit, we have some great challenges going on and where you can win GC to the Moo Too Store.  FORUM
Remember you get to download all these gorgeous gifts for free thur Gallery   ENJOY                                            


Thursday, September 23, 2010

One Stitch at a Time is Having a Halloween sale

Can you believe that Halloween is a little more than a month away. Yesterday was the first day of Fall. I our leaves are just starting to change, I can see a few leaves that are just turning.

You should go check out the sale they have some really awesome stamps and paper packs available.

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Kit

I have a new kit in the store at Digi Scrap Station and Moo Two Designs called All Hollows Eve. This kit has some really great papers and elements, a little bit of everything that you would need to scrap some of your Halloween photos. I also will be adding 2 mini kits this week too. PLUS my CT member Myra made some great quick pages for you all. I will have them up here in a bit. Plus I have a great Halloween set that would be great for you to use at your Halloween parties, contains a treat bag, card and a label for Chunky Soup Can, this can is really great you cut the bottom off leaving the pull tab in tack, fill it up , seal it back up and you have a great mystery gift to give to someone. Everyone I have given these too where astonished at how I got the goodies inside the can, believe me they are in awe of it.

And here are the quick pages that Myra made for you guys, they are awesome. I hope you enjoy them. DOWNLOAD HERE

Moo Two Designs Contest

Good Morning everyone, how you all doing today. I hope you have all gotten a chance to visit the gallery over at Moo Two Designs there are some really cute mini Pet Kits for free. The contestants have been working really hard and if you could leave them some love and then pop over to the forum and vote for them, I know they would greatly appreciate it. FORUM These kits are really fabulous. Check then out

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Studio

Today starts the Designer Contest over at The Studio. I have entered and the greatest news this year about the contest is they decided to give all the designer participating numbers so that people won't know who we are, isn't that great, I think so, so now you get judged on the quality of your work, not how popular you are in the digi world of scrapbooking. The other great part is if you join their gallery, there are like almost 100 designers entered into this contest and you get to download a bunch of free kits. But please be kind and leave some words of LOVE to the ones you download. Simple THANK YOU means so much to us.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dragon Lair Designs Birthday Party Blog Hop

You'll have to go check out Dragon Lair Designs, today is her birthday and she is having a birthday party blog hop where you can win some fabulous eye candy. Awesome prizes go check it out and your will see some gorgeous cards too.
Just click on her banner to be taken her blog and that is where the party starts.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Stitch At A Time

You all really need to come check out this store, not cause I am in it but cause they have some of the coolest digital stamps I have ever seen. They are gorgeous and some of the cards that have been made using these stamps and other things are just simple amaging. They have challenges each month and I am really excited about being part of this store. I can't wait I love to make cards.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Kit

I have a new kit in the stores over at Moo Two Designs and will be in the store at One Stitch At A Time hopefully today. You all need to check out One Stitch at a time, they really have some awesome digital stamps and the cards the gals make over that are just simple gorgeous.
My new kit is called Imagine. I just love the bright bold fresh colors of this kit. I kind of did it with teenage girls in mind but you really could do anything with it but boys LOL. Not all papers or elements are shown in the preview. CLicking on the preview will take you to the Moo Two Store.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I never know what to call the post. LOL
This week has been interesting to say the least. I entered a design contest at Faith Sisters as you all know, not many comments there on my kit but that is ok. No Biggie.

Now I entered the design contest at Digitals but not sure what will happen with that one cause I really don't like to enter these contests cause I want my work judged on quality and not how many people I can get to come and vote for me. So who knows.

Sad news thou, Kara Jones of K-Joi Studios, my home for the past couple years has decided to close her doors. I am sadden about this cause I really enjoyed working with her and my work there too. Boy thou did I get a good look at what it takes to run a digital scrapbooking store, making designers and customers happy. It takes a lot of work.  I will miss you terrible Kara, but good luck and I hope your health improves greatly now with less stress.

I have found a couple of stores to move into LOL. As you all know I have moved over to Moo Two Designs, and  you know they are having a Designer Contest too, you should come check it out cause this one isn't done by popularity.
Moo Two Designs

I have also moved into a store that is not only digital scrapbooking but they have a ton of digital stamps and OMG are some of the gorgeous, you should all come on over for a visit, this store is awesome. One Stitch at a time
I have a few things in both stores, I am working on a new kit, well not really new it was one that I had did for another store a long time ago that never go used, so I decided to update it and add some more things to it, now if I could come up with a name for it I would be happy LOL

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good Morning

Well, I am slowly moving into the store over at Moo Two Designs, you should come on over for a visit in the forum, they have some great challenges going on over there right now with some nice prizes too.
I joined the Paint the Barn August Color challenge, where you make mini kits or do a layout using the color pallet provided. It was a lot of fun. And the best part about it, now you guys get to have the mini kit I made for free. Cool huh, come over and join for some more.

waiting on the link from 4 share, it's slow today, or my computer is slow one of the two LOL
download 1 download 2

Monday, August 09, 2010

My pet Peeve of the day

First let me say that Faith Sisters Contest is going strong and some new kits have been added to the gallery you should go and check then out. Now for my pet peeve, which has to do with the contest anyways, 

I don't usually do contests where you have to go out and beg people for votes and I won't do it. I believe my work should be judged on style and quality. But anyways why is it that people can take the time to register in a gallery, or even go visit a gallery, click on several different pictures of free kits to reach the download buttons to get those free kits but you can't leave a comment.  WHY is that?  This is one reason why I stopped doing freebies which really sucks for those few people that actually will say THANK YOU to someone for giving them something. OMG all you have to type is TY and your done a few seconds of your precious day to say thank you to someone for all the time and hard work they put into making these designs. 

I know some of you who download freebies actually really appreciate all that work and time that goes into making them and to all of you I want to say THANK YOU

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Good Evening everyone

How is everyone's week going so far. I don't know about you all but here in NY it has been so darn hot and humid, I won't mind the heat but mix that with the humidity and it's like YUCK. I just want to melt away LOL. If only it was that easy to melt the extra fat away, oh boy I could get skinny fast LOL.

I have finish my entry into the Faith Sister's Scrapbooking contest and I really like what I did. It's a stretch for me to do a boy kit and that is what I did. I get designer block when it comes to the darker colors in the color wheel LOL, it's a very big challenge for me but I actually have a good time making this. But the other harder part was not putting flowers or bows in there cause I really wanted it for a teenage boy page. I think it's awesome but it's all up to you guys. If you want to go download it you can and leave me a comment would be great.
Here is the preview of the kit and just click on the preview and it will take you to Faith Sister's Gallery where you can download it, you will have to register but it only takes a few minutes. thank you all very much,

oh did I mention there will be lots of other free kits to download to,

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Hey All

How you are doing, I Hope you all are having a great summer so far. Mine has been quite busy and I bet you all thought I dropped off the face of the earth. I am going to try really hard, a lot harder than I have in the past to blog. All I know is I can't wait for Sept and the chillens to go back to school. LOL

Some updates for you. I am pretty sure by now you have noticed that K-Joi Studios forum has been down. Kara Jones has been ill and it in the process of trying to feel better and move her store to a new server. So as soon as the store is moved she will work on getting the forum and gallery fixed and up and running again, which I can't wait for cause I really miss all you guys from K-Joi and I miss K-Joi so much, it's my place to go for friendly chit chat and some great friends,

Some of other news for you all. I have joined a design contest and you all can join too, it would be great to have you there. I know I don't usually go for the contests that are popularity ones but a friend of mine wanted me to join so I did. If you want to come vote for me that would be great and you will be getting a lot of free kits. Here is the advert for it so you can all read about it.

My next bit of news is also good news too, I have joined the design team over at Moo Two Designs, so you should pop on over and give me a visit. Say hello on the message boards, I am there lurking around sometimes LOL If your interested they are having a design contest too. I couldn't find the advert for it but here is the link to the where you sign up if your interested, I would for you to come by and give it a shot. This Contest is not a popularity contest, you will have a disguise so nobody will know who you are and can actually be judged on your work. Moo Two Designs Contest

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

this is just a few of them LOL there are a couple more different kits in the store. I linked all the previews so if you just want to go read about the kits just click on the image.