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Monday, September 14, 2009

SAS Contest - Stone Accent Studios' Designer Contest

Sometimes I can be so blonde it ridiculous LOL. I never even thought to post what I made for Round 1 on the blog. I just got so busy with trying to finish up with somethings, my daughter's birthday, getting ready for school. So for that I do sincerely apologize to you all. You can still download Round 1 which I will post at the bottom for you all.

If you like Round 2 kit which I have named For All My Friends, cause it is truly for all my friends here in cyberland, could you go vote for it on Tuesday night, voting starts as soon as all the kits are uploaded and they have to be uploaded by 3 pm EST. FORUM You do have to be registered in the forum in order to vote.

Preview is linked so just click on it and it will take you to the Stone Accent Studios Gallery where you can download it and download a lot of other designers kits too.
3 of my buds from K-Joi Studios are also in the contest. Here are their blogs if you want to go see their kits for the contest. you can also find them in the gallery too at Stone Accent Studios.
Liz of Lizard Dau Designs, Sandy of SandEz CreationZ, and last but not least Katlen of Katlen Kreations.
Here is Round 1 and you can still download it if you want it.

preview is linked to the Stone Accent Studio Gallery, so just click on it and you can go and download this mini kit if you want along with other designers who kits are still active.

Thank you everyone very much.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Stone Accent Studios

I am sure you'll have heard about the Designer contest over at Stone Accent Studios, and if you haven't, LOL they are having their annual contest. This year I decided to join in the fun. So if you enjoy and like my work could you hop on over to the GALLERY there and leave some comments on my designs. Also you get to get all the designs there for free that the designers in the contest make. So go grab some freebies and leave lots of love for all the designers. OK

Now some of us in the Designer Contest have put together a little blog hop for you all.
We at K-Joi Studios love our pets as much as our children and sometimes they are our children. We would love to promote pet rescue by giving you a glimpse into the world wide net of animal adoption. Please visit this site at the bottom of this post and do a bit of browsing it is extremely interesting and if you are
a pet lover then you might find some useful information too. We have made some wonderful freebie kits for your digital scrapping pleasure and as a huge thank you for looking at these very deserving animal rescue sites. Please visit the next blog on this blog hop and don't forget to leave some lovely comments behind when you download. And don't forget that we all live on different time zones so please be patient with us!!

Place linkie here-

List of Animal Rescue Sites

Here is where you can find all the linkies for the blog hop participants-
They are all in one spot so that you can easily find them!! Please leave some love behind to show your appreciation! Thanks soo much for visiting!!
and here is a preview of the kit I made for this very special kit.

and here are the links to download the kit.
PapersElements Elements 1 Elements 2