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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Kit

I got the new kit in the store. It's called Carousel. I think you will all love this kit. It's bright, cheery and full of fond memories of childhood, riding those Carousel horses. I used to have a really good friend that I worked with when I lived in Utica, NY that use to collect everything and anything to do with carousels. He was nuts. OMG you won't believe the stuff he had. At the time I had my own ceramic business and he painted every carousel horse that I could get for him. The collection he had. I still have one of his pieces here that is wooden that I was suppose to decorate for him. Had forgot all about it till I found it when I was setting up my craft room. Gee that was 8 years ago when I married my hubby. Here is the preview and don't forget to go down below my layout using the kit to get the free quick page I made. There is so many elements in the kit that I couldn't get everything pictured, so you will be surprised. Thanks for looking everyone.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Weekend

We had a very busy last 2 days. My baby graduated from Preschool on Friday. It was so darn cute. All the kids sat in these little chairs in the gym. They faced us. They had them sing 3 songs. It was so cute. But of course my little darling won't sing, she just kind of stood there. There were a couple others that didn't sing either. Sometimes I just wonder where the time went. I did a layout with some of the pics I did from her graduation. Her cousin Braisen also graduated with her. All the kids where so cute. They each walked up and got a little diploma.

Then on Saturday we took Kimberly to her first ever Field Days. I don't know if you all know what a Field Day is, but it's like small carnival that the volunteer fire departments in the local towns put on ever year. They have rides, games and some great food. The chicken bbq's are the best. NJ doesn't have field days, the best they have is Farm day. Which was nice to go look at the farm animals, but it's not the same. They all start out with a parade on Thursday nights, then Friday, Saturday you have the all the games, and rides. It's so much fun. She really had a good time. We weren't sure if she would go on any rides, but she did and she loved them. There was on that looked like an alligator and of course she had to ride on that over and over and over again. LOL She was so cute. She even played the games. The guys running the games where great, they let her win or helped her to win. And of course I did a layout to show off the field days and it just happens to make my new kit that will be in the store this week. Carousel. She had so much fun, got a little sun burn and so did mommy.
Now if you want you can click HERE and download a quickpage that matches my layout, all except the writing of course. LOL Now going to have to come up with a carnival kit to match all the rest of the photos. LOL
I hope you all had a great weekend. Today we just rested, thou hubby and baby planted the rest of the flowers outside, she had more fun with the hose and getting daddy wet then plant flowers. And me I have been working on the two layouts. I really wanted to share them all with you. Sometime time today I do have to fold laundry and vacuum. I hate housework. :-)

Monday, June 16, 2008

I hate coming up with titles can never think of one.

Good morning and if I wait a bit longer it will be afternoon LOL. Got a late start this morning, could not get my fat butt out of bed this morning. It was just so cool and comfortable in the bedroom, I just didn't want to get up. But you here the pitter patter of little feet coming up the stairs, mommy I'm hungry. Sometimes I wish I could just leave breakfast on the table at night, then she could just feed herself in the morning, I mean they came up with a self feeding dog/cat thingy, why can't they come up with a self feed child thingy, oh yeah I know they did MOMMY.
Last week wasn't the greatest of all weeks. But we had a wonderful Father's Day. My hubbies parents came over for dinner and I do have to say so myself my dinner came out fabulous. I am having an affair with food network. Just getting tired of the same oh food every day. So I made some awesome ribs, half I did with a dry rub, they were so goooooooooooood. The rest with just your regular bbq sauce, some mashed potato salad and grilled corn on the cob. Ending the meal with my grandmother's awesome baking powder biscuits, which I have to say came out so good, making them into strawberry shortcake. It was a really nice day, hubby enjoyed himself. I am wishing all the Father's out there that they had an wonderful Father's Day too.

Some up coming events, I will have a new kit coming out this week (hopefully) called Carousel. I think you will really like this kit.
Studio Style Designs turns a year old this month, look for more news on this. With some fun activities, prizes and freebies.
You'll have a great day.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Friend Tom

I got some really bad news yesterday, my dear best friend of 21 years, Tom passed away unexpectedly. Tom was a great person, loving friend and meant the world to me. He had been ill for several years with several different diseases, but was feeling good and doing great. They suspect a heart attach but they really don't know why he died, he was only 43 years old. I miss him so much already and just can't believe he is gone from my life.
I meant Tom my 1st year in college thur my roommate at the time. We became instant friends and friends for life. We lived together for 14 years, I have known him longer than I known my husband. We had good times and a lot of bad times but thur everything Tom was always there for me. No matter what happen or didn't happen if I needed to talk all I had to do was call him. I didn't talk to him for few years after I married and moved away with my husband. Which I regretted. But yet again when I needed someone, he came to my rescue. My husband as most know was in the military and 3 years ago he was shipped off to the desert. I had my 3 year old daughter to care for and I don't drive. I asked a few other people to come up and help me but no one could. So I asked my friend Tom and of course he came to help me out. He took 6 months out of his life to come to NJ and help me with my daughter and help get around to places that I need to go, mainly work. I don't think there wouldn't be anything he wouldn't do for me. I loved him dearly and only thing I wanted for him was for him to be happy. There wasn't anything I won't do for him. We had talked when I first found out that my husband was retiring from the military and we would be moving back home about getting a house big enough so he could come and live with us. But he wanted to go back to Utica ( he was living with his father in Brasher Falls, NY) and we wanted to go home to Fulton, NY (where most of our families live). He was planning on coming to visit. I surely miss him already. I was angry yesterday with him for leaving me. Other than Tom the only other person who I can tell my deepest darkest secrets too and to bitch too is my aunt, who I consider to be my mom (she has been my mom since my mom passed away when I was 14). I felt and still feel so alone right now. I do know that he is in a better place and he is with the two people he loved more in this world than me, his mom and his grandmother. He is no longer in any pain, but I still wish he hadn't left me. He always promised to be here for me, I know that is unrealistic expectation, but you never want the people who we love the most to leave us alone in this world. He will always live in my heart and be in my mind. The one thing great about Tom was, I also has the most beautiful Christmas tree around, he was great at decorating, the house was always decorated so nice. He even coordinated all the wall hangings. Who knows who I am going to get to do that now. LOL He was an awesome flower arranger, not sure what else to call him, he worked in a flower shop for years.
I just hope Tom knows how much I loved him, treasured him and worshiped his friendship. He will always be my true best friend. Tom, I love you dearly.

I've Been Tagged

Darlene just thought she would tag me.

1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. My tagger was the very talented Darlene of Darlene Designs

2. Seven facts about me, this should be interesting.

I am married, with one child, Kimberly who is 4 going on 20.

My husband, Phil just retired in May from the Air Force.

I am a very much of a home body. I enjoy being home doing crafty things with my daughter.

I hate to shop, unless it's on the internet. I would rather have craft things than jewelry.

Before marring my husband I work for Social Services for 13 years, where I was a supervisor
in the welfare department.

Right now I am a sahm until my daughter goes to school in the fall.

I like to get up early in the morning, get an ice coffee and sit on the computer and puttz.

3. Now I have to tag seven people. I am going to tag : Shel (whom I haven't spoke to in quite a while), Joy (another very talented digi artist), Vickie (another talented digi artist), Robin (who has great printables, Audrey Jeanne ( who has the most incredible hand painted digital work),
Lynn (Cattail Designs, another awesome designer), Holey Cow it's Mindi (she is awesome designer too). Love all these gals to pieces. You are all officially tagged.

Friday, June 06, 2008

There's a Sale Going On

All weekend long at Studio Style Designs. Besides the sale I have a brand new Printable in the store, a Pregnancy Journal. Check it out and it's on sale.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Monday

I know it's not really a happy Monday, they are kind of blah due to having to start back to work for some. But you woke up, got out of bed and started your day so that's always a "Good Thing" LOL. Have I got a store for you all. You know how we all just moved, well I ordered new checks. I got my new checks just before hubby's birthday party. So I used one of those checks to get him a years membership at the YMCA, which he loves to work out, he has more ambition than I do (and more free time, don't all men). Then like a good girl I paid the rent. Saturday we got up to go out to breakfast and hubby decides to check the mail, in the mail is a letter from the YMCA. Hubby's just thinks it's a letter telling him they found his security key to the locker room cause of course he already lost it. LOL But it's wasn't, it was a letter telling me my check bounced due to insufficient funds. I was like OMG OMG OMG, I know there is enough money in the back. So we get home from breakfast and errors, I check the bank online and sure enough there is more than enough money to cover it (which I knew) so I look at the checks, don't you know one of the numbers in the account number is wrong. I am like oh no what happens if this account number belongs to someone else and we just bounced a check on their account. Can you believe it. This morning I call the bank and thank God the account number didn't exist. So you fix the problem, order new checks again with the right account number, stop the rent check, and now have to call and take care of the YMCA. LOL
On the bright side of things I have a freebie for you all that is a little over due. Been busy the last 2 weeks and really haven't taken the time to blog. It's a freebie based on my new kit Going in Circles which is in the store now ( hope you all like it. OK like being blonde is really bad today, I forgot to give you the download thingy LMAO. DOWNLOAD ME LINKS EXPIReD