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Saturday, February 09, 2008

DSO Pixies has a group called Pixies, the pixies go around spreading pixie dust on message board members. Whether it be a layout, a message that we posted. When we find something that strikes our fancy we spread some pixie dust in the way of a RAK (Random Act Of kindness) which everyone needs every now and then.
In Jan there was a layout that just caught my eye. The layout is done by Dancing Elk. Can't you see what made me fall in love with that layout. The RAK I gave her I am now going to give out to all of you. Enjoy and leave some love in the way of comments for Dancing Elk and her lovely layout. DOWNLOAD LINKS EXPIReD

Some more news

Ok you always know when things are moving smoothly that something is bound to go wrong. Well we have an added problem to our daily life. We have had some car trouble and hubby took the car to a garage where they read what was wrong with the car with their computer and printed out all that needed to be fixed, coming to the tune of almost 900.00 dollars. So he brings home the report and looks it over and saids I can fix all this stuff. Some of it was just regular maintenance on the car that needed to be done. OK I said if you think you can fix it go ahead. Well, he procrastinated about two weeks before even to start doing the repairs, he went and bought all the parts he needed. One of the senors in the car was bad, he replaced it and it seemed the car was fine for about 2 weeks, then the problem started all over again. So back to self help he went. In the military they have these garages you can go to that actually have mechanics in them to help you out. One of the other problems with the car was an oil leak, took him 3 days to fix that. And while trying to fix what was wrong found out that some of the parts on the car have been recalled by Chrysler. Which could be some of the problem. After fixing the oil leak, the leak got worse, picture that one would ya. So finally I got him to take the car to the dealership, they fixed the oil leak that was caused by whom ever fixed the original leak, they didn't it back together right. HMmmm I wonder who that was, oh hubby was. It's going to take 5 days to get the part that is on the recall list, which takes us to the day we are suppose to be leaving NJ to go back to NY. But then the car has to go back to the garage on Monday to fix the other the stuff that is still wrong with it. Can you stand it, cause I can't. Have to laugh cause if you don't your will go CRAZY


Great sale going right now at Studio Style Designs.
Valentine Day sale, some products featured are 25% to 60% off. You can't miss this one guys.
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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Few things to tell you about today

First we finally got some goods news about our move. The movers called yesterday and got approval from the military for them to pack our house on Wednesday, and load the truck on Thursday, which means we can clean the house and get it inspected and leave on Saturday to go back home. YEAH YEAH YEAH I am so excited. We won't be stuck here in a hotel for 2 days with nothing to do. LOL OMG I am excited. I can't stand it. LMBO

Ok if you noticed above my walking gorgeous panda bear I added a couple links. You might to check them out.
Digi Scrap Depot is a really cool place, they have lots of freebies that you can get, you can advertise your up coming sales, chat events or special happenings in your store or on your blog.

Just Digital Calls is an awesome place, looking for another CT Team to be part of, looking for another store to sell in, looking to get published, and the list goes on. Check them out it's really a great site.

See told ya I had a lot to babble about today.
Studio Styles Designs is having a great sale today too. 25% off All New Products in the store today. It's a great way to check out a designer you might not have boughten from before to see how great their products are while still saving yourself some money.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Another day

Well one week from the tomorrow the movers will be here to start packing. I just want this all over with and done with. The anxiety each day is just overwhelming sometimes. There are just so many things to worry about, the move, finding a place to live, getting new jobs, getting the baby into preschool/daycare, then registering her for school for the fall (don't even know when you have to do that), hubby is having anxiety over getting thur the interview process, what to wear to the interview. The moving company lady was here yesterday looking at all the rooms, and putting down what all have to be moved, I think she was in shock. I was like haven't you ever moved a crafter before, I have tons and tons of stuff, from a collection of rubberstamps, to scrapbooking, crocheting, painting and other crafts I do with the baby . LOL She did tell me that I know how to pack a house up tightly LMBOPMP. What can I say I am a pack rat.

This is going to be my last freebie for a bit, till we get moved and settled in. I hope you all like it, just a little something.Download me HERE LINKS EXPIReD

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Good Afternoon

The morning has just passed me bye. Time flies when your trying to do something. It's a gorgeous day here today, the sun is shinning and it's going to be 50 degrees.
I have a brand new card that I just made and put into the store.The front of the card simple said To someone special on Valentine's Day. The poem on the inside is regarding a friend. I left it so that you could use the poem or add one of your own. I hope you like the new card. My printables can only be found at Studio Style Designs

Friday, February 01, 2008

Now some great things to tell ya about

Studio Style Designs' daily download starts today on their blog, so you should check that out. have some awesome new challenges starting today. You need to check out the posting bonuses for these challenges they are way cool, very very pretty things. You do have to be a member to participate in the challenges but what the heck, you do some great layouts, get some awesome free gifts, make some new friends, what can be better than that. And the best part about the whole thing is, if you complete all the challenges within a months time you get a huge MEGA kit free. The challenges are: Ad Challenge, 5 Of Love Challenge, Book of Me Challenge, Color Challenge, Element Challenge, Font Challenge, Heritage Challenge, I can't believe you scrapped that! Challenge, It's in the Numbers, Lyric Challenge, Quote Challenge, Recipe Challenge, Scrappin on my desktop, Scraplift Challenge, Shape Challenge, Sketch Challenge, Template Challenge. There ya have, go check them out and hope to see some of your layouts.


Not even going to say it's a good morning cause it's really not. But it's Friday and Feb 1st and it should be a good morning but you all know when things are moving along smoothly something always has to go wrong.
The weather is awe full today, the wind is whipping, was woke up at 5 Am this morning to the wind blowing the outside door up against the house. Now it's pouring outside. It's cold and deary day. But that's only the half of it.
You all know we are getting ready to move. Well hubby went to the housing office yesterday to find out what we need to go to finally get out of here. We have a list two pages long of things they want cleaned before we move out. Not a problem EXCEPT: one of the things is to wax the floors, now the floors weren't waxed when we moved in and certainly weren't even clean when we moved in. Second, windows have to be cleaned, wouldn't have been a problem but they weren't cleaned when we moved in. But if the cleaning solution doesn't freeze on the windows as we are cleaning them, not a problem. Just let me out of here. LOL But then the best part. Movers are suppose to be on Friday the 15th, we have to have the house cleaned and inspected before 4 pm on Friday or we are stuck here for 2 days in a hotel room with nothing to do and a 4 year old. Cause housing doesn't work the weekend. OMG that is like going to be awe full, at least if there was something to do it won't be so bad, I can't watch TV for that long period of time, no computer. OMG the horror of it all LOL There no furniture to sit on, the most you have is a chair and bed. No matter what, we have to do what we can do to get out of here on Friday.