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Friday, February 01, 2008

Now some great things to tell ya about

Studio Style Designs' daily download starts today on their blog, so you should check that out. have some awesome new challenges starting today. You need to check out the posting bonuses for these challenges they are way cool, very very pretty things. You do have to be a member to participate in the challenges but what the heck, you do some great layouts, get some awesome free gifts, make some new friends, what can be better than that. And the best part about the whole thing is, if you complete all the challenges within a months time you get a huge MEGA kit free. The challenges are: Ad Challenge, 5 Of Love Challenge, Book of Me Challenge, Color Challenge, Element Challenge, Font Challenge, Heritage Challenge, I can't believe you scrapped that! Challenge, It's in the Numbers, Lyric Challenge, Quote Challenge, Recipe Challenge, Scrappin on my desktop, Scraplift Challenge, Shape Challenge, Sketch Challenge, Template Challenge. There ya have, go check them out and hope to see some of your layouts.


Shannon said...

Choo Choo! Stopping by on the blog train! It's interesting that your life feed says I'm from Santo Domingo Pueblo - 'cause I'm not. I guess I should be happy that at least the state is right!!! LOL I'm sorry the moving stuff isn't being fun! Sending hugs for a better day and a smooth weekend!

Andrea said...

Woo Woo!! Just stoppin' by on the blog train! Good Luck moving! Lots of work!

I'm excited about the new month of challenges at DSO too!!

LouCeeCreations said...

just stoppin off on the blog train and your right DSO have so many great challenges, I'm starting with Kim's first, just love the pinks lol!

blue24k2000 said...

WOW that is ALOT of Challenges.. Does anyone ever get ALL of them done in one months time? WOW *LOL* I am doing good to get a couple of regular pages done little loan trying to do a challeneg.. I am not good enough for that yet. *LOL*
Here's hoping for you to have a good day.