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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Zoo Spirit Collaboration Kit

The great group Aspiring Digiscrap Designers has done an awesome collaboration kit -- Zoo Spirit. Below is a list of all the designers on this HUGE kit and if you would like all the pieces all you have to do is go to each blog and collect their part of the kit. From all the previews I saw of this kit, it is awesome, you are going to get some incredible pieces to scrap all those zoo photos.

Click on the Proud Member button to download my part of the kit.
We all would greatly appreciate it if you could leave us some love on our blogs to let us know what you think of our work.
Follow the
Zoo Spirit train to these other fabulous freebies!

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utski can scrap

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good Morning

I know I haven't blogged in a bit, but have been kind of busy trying to finish up my new kit, babysitting my brother's kids while he works. He has 5 but only 2 need watching, one boy Timmy who is 2 1/2 and one girl Isabella who is 9. They are great kids and it gives my daughter someone to play with. But some days I could pull my hair out, you thought it was bad hearing MOMMY all day long, how about MOMMY and AUNT OASE all day long LOL. I thank God I only had one, cause I don't know how you all do it that have more than one child.

I know I have been promising you a freebie, but being so busy and I really want to get my new kit done I just have been forgetting but will try for today or tomorrow. But come back on Friday and I will have a great surprise for you all. You are not going to want to miss this.

Some other happenings in the digi world of scrappin.
Studio Style Designs is having a sale right now on Digital Hybrid Word Art Albums 42% off!
I joined this great yahoo group called Aspiring DigiScrap Designers, I have been learning lots from this group. Only down side emails can be a tab bit overwhelming but on the good side they started a forum which makes life a little easier.

Check out Michelle's Blog Crafty Scraps she is doing a a charity kit for a fellow digi scrapper and if you can and have time to donate it would be greatly appreciated.

K-joi Studios is having a Designer Contest which you can read all about it here CONTEST
You only have until August 5th to sign up for it. I have signed up and I am excited about it.

Kristine of Wrenchd Grafixs is doing a Fall Blog Party and if you want to join just email her at; it's going to FABOLOUS, sounds like there are a lot of people joining in. You can see her blog at Wrenchd Grafixs.

I think that is all the news I can thing of right now. I need to get my charity kit done and to Michelle hopefully today. Remember to come back on Friday some a very speical treat.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hi Ho

Everyone. I don't have a freebie for you yet. Yeah Yeah I know I am slacking. But I am working on a new kit and hopefully will be done soon. LOL.
But Audrey Jeanne has a great printable freebie on her blog and you can visit her here
Audrey Jeanne's Expressions, here is a preview of her freebie. You know if you haven't tried AJ's work you should cause her work is fabulous you won't be disappointed at all. Her kits are just out standing, she hand paints everything herself.
That's it for today, off to get some work done. Big HUGS and KISSES to ya'll

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hello everyone

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far. We sure are for the most part. It's still amazes me the differences in the weather just one state away. This summer here being back home has been really great. Not much really hot or humid weather. We would go for weeks with above 90 degrees and 100% humidity and no rain. It rains at least once a week here and we have only had a few days where the humidity was unbearable and it's usually on the weekend, go figure LOL.
My husband's brothers family - Alan, Trish, Racheal, Amanda, Loren, and Zach are coming for dinner tonight. His brother is a missionary in Russia and is home for the next year, they came home I think it was July 8th. Thou they have seen each other they haven't spend any really time together. I think it has been 4 years since the last time he saw them. So it should be fun.

Some other news that's not so great.
When I first discovered digi scrappin it was for background papers. An advit rubberstamping and paper horrider, I always had problems coming up with the perfect background paper and then when I did I didn't want to use it cause what would happen if I used it and ruined what I do then. I won't have that paper anymore cause you know there is only so many sheets you can buy at one time. LOL So I found the world of digi scrappin and my first home was DAISIE Company. They had the best artist there. I mean the graphics and kits where just out of this world. They did more toward the printable artists than scrapbooking. But they had kits for scrapbooking too. I fell in love with DAISIE and visited there often, it became my home. I tried other sites but there were just not as friendly as DAISIE or the graphics just weren't there. As a card maker you need more to make a card than just papers, you need graphics that go with those papers and DAISIE provided that.
Some of the aritist I started collecting was Lucy Hampton, she has the most goreous Victorian line. And that is one of my passions in life is victorian. Then there was Gina Jane, her artwork was just impressive. Then my favorite of all times is Audrey Jeanne Roberts, her hand painting watercolors kits where just absolutely gorgeous. Over the last year things have change alot there at DAISIE some for the good and some not so good. A lot of the reasons why I was at DAISIE no longer exist. This week Audrey Jeanne Roberts has left DAISIE and gone to Aimee Asher. Which I am very happy about cause I can't feed my addiction to AJ's work if it's not available to buy. But better yet I have told her I will follow her where ever she goes, I am her internet stauker. LOL I just can't live without her work. But you can also buy her work thur her blog. She started her own store too. Audrey Jeanne's Expressions. If you have never seen her work you should really check it out, it's absolutely gorgeous. Her work is impeckable, flawless. Here are a couple previews of a couple of her kits. I love all her work.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Oh it's been

one of those weeks so far. Busy Busy Busy. Started Monday off with a bang arguing half the day away with our insurance company. Cause nobody there can give anyone a straight answer. My daughter's pediatrician states they take our insurance talk to the insurance company and was told that all i had to do was change our primary care manager and all the problems would be solved. What a joke. The doctor's office does accept our insurance but not the one we have, we have Tricare Prime and they only take Tricare Standard, now you would think that the person talking to the doctors off would have told them that, NO. So we have to switch doctors, what a pain in the butt.

Then I have a possed ice maker in my freezer. One day it will make enough ice to fill the bin. Then we will go weeks with it only making enough ice to cover the bottom of the bin. So I finally get a chance to call to have someone come and look at it and don't you know the last 3 days the ice maker has been making enough ice the bin is over flowing, how you suppose to have someone look at an ice maker that is making ice. OMG

The school district here has a summer program for kids that just got out of preschool and are entering Kindergarten this fall call Success by Six. It's to help them so they don't forget everything they learned in preschool. Well I signed my daughter up and had been wondering for the last month whether or not she got in. I finally got a letter from the program saying welcome the to Success By Six program and gives specific things that are going on during the month of July. But doesn't say when it starts. I called on Monday and the ladies says oh it starts tomorrow. She has to be there by 8:45 and stays till Noon. Then this week at Church is our Vacation Bible School from 6 - 9 pm. My poor baby is so tired today, she is cranky and miserable. She is use to going to bed at 8:30 LOL. Will I survive this week.

I joined a new Internet yahoo group last week. It's called Aspiring DigiScrap Designers. It's really a great group. I have gotten a lot of information and learned quite a bit since being in there. The email is a tad overwhelming at times, anywhere to like 90 emails at a time. But if you go digest you don't get to see the pics that people send and sometimes the links don't work. It's really a great group, the designers are very nice. I do notice thou that like any other group the people that know each other tend to answer those emails and when your new to a group and your emails don't get a response it's hard or you only get 3 responses and others get 20. At least try to answer every one's especially if they are asking for your opinion.

Trying really hard to get laundry done and pick up the house. Been watching my niece for the summer while my brother and his wife work. Gives my baby someone to play with. But some days OHhhhhhhhhhhhh my. I guess I am done babbling for the day. Will get you all our a freebie really soon. Some times I just get going doing other things and I don't blog as often as I should. you know just one more thing in a day to do. LOL