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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Week 4 Contest at K-Joi Studios

the last week of the contest is finally up and ready for you all to download for FREE. Please also visit the Forum and vote for your favorite 4 entries. You can also still vote for week 3 if you didn't before all the problems they had with the web site. I would greatly appreciate you all voting cause it might mean your voting for mine entry.
Visit the store HERE to download the entries. Thank you to everyone who has voted and are going to vote.
Here is a preview of week 4 entries.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time is running out

Ok if you want to get my parts of the Collaboration kits for the Zoo Spirit and Cornucopia of Colors you need to download them by 9/30/08. After that the links will no longer work.
But have no fear there will be another Aspiring Digital Scrapbook Designers collaboration kit called Sweet Shoppe and then I am part of another blog hoppin' party for another great kit called Fall Splendor. So be sure to check back on October 1st for more details and previews.
I want to THANK everyone who left comments on 4 Share and on my blog about both kits, you really make us feel good when you leave such nice comments, they mean more to us then you know. Thank you everyone. BIG hugs and kisses to you all.
Zoo Spirit
Cornucopia of Colors

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sweet Story to share

Last August when we found out that my husband was going to retire from the Military; we explained to our daughter; Kimberly, who was 3 at the time, that we would be moving home to where her grandparents, her Nana and other family members lived. She asked me one night if she could get a cat. (we had had 3 cats since her birth but they slowly passed away, we lost the last one in July 2007 when we moved from McGuire to Fort Dix). I told her yes once we get moved and settle we will get your a kitty. Then she proceeds to say, mommy it has to be white, have ears and a tail. LOL that was so funny.
We moved home and kept putting off getting a kitty. Going thur the animal shelters is no easy task, nor is it cheap. But something kept up from getting a cat, till July. Our neighbors were moving out. They had 3 cats, 2 dogs and some kind of bird. While taking with the girl that lived there, she told me that 2 of the cats they were going to be taking to the shelter cause they were unable to keep them. I talk with my husband and we decided we would take those two cats. I can't stand for any animal to have to go to the shelters any where. Kimberly was so excited to find this out. God was looking out for my daughter I can tell you that. One of the cats, Angel, is just as white as white can be. She is pure white, with one green eye and one blue eye. Very fisty cat too I might add.

She is just what Kimberly asked for, a white cat with ears and a tail. LOL She is one gorgeous cat. And then there is Smokey. (All growing up we had cats, and lots of them sometimes, my mom was a cat lover and all the cats that I owned where named Smokey. Everytime one would pass away, we would get another one and I would name it Smokey). How weird is all of this to you all too. LOL Smokey is a lover. The neighbor told me that he was an outdoor cat and that they found him on the side of the road a baby kitten, they hand feed him and everything, but always stayed outdoors. I just love him to death, he is so freakin funny. he will climb up on your chest and lick your face and even your lips, I know that is grose to some people but I find it so cute, sometimes. I really don't think they ever let him in the house or feed him cat food. Cause when we got him, his fur was all matted and grose. Now that he is been eating cat food, he has no more mats, his fur is just as soft as can be. Funny thing about him is, is feet and head are bigger than the rest of him LOL, he not very proportioned LMBO.

And this is a picture I took last night. I love this picture. They are both asleep.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hello Everyone

OK some weeks, I really stink at bloggin' LOL. It's been a wild couple of weeks. It all started with my baby's 5th Birthday. We had a combined birthday party with my cousin April and her two kids. Brasen and Taylor. They were both born in Sept. It was a really nice party. Lots of people and the kids had a blast. Check out the puss on my birthday girl
Doesn't she just look so happy.
Here is Brasen and his sister Taylor. Brasen and Kimberly are the same age. If you ask Kimberly if she has a brother she will tell you Brasen. They are very close. They went to pre-school together and are in the same Kindergarten class.

Then we had the first day of school. Which I survived but not by much I can tell you that. I was so worried all day long it wasn't funny. All I could think was she wasn't going to get enough to eat and that she would get on the wrong bus. But I was wrong on both parts. She got on the bus and didn't even turn around to say goodbye to me or her daddy. All she wanted to do was go to school. How funny they are.
Her first bus ride to school

First day of school, which was only a couple hours and we got to go to school with her. Meet her teachers, principal and some other teachers at the school. We got to have lunch we with her and then we all went home.

And last week, every day I said I was going to blog and I didn't, I always got busy doing something else. I was really bad on Thursday and Friday, I decided I was going to have those days to myself. I watched more TV in those 2 days then I have in the last 10 years. You know TV during the day is very boring LOL.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Cornucopia of Colors

Guess what it's that time again. The great designers of Aspiring Digi Scrapbook Designers have done another collaboration kit for all of you. This kit is awesome, you will have lots to scrap all those fall layouts. Here is my preview my contribution to the kit. LINKS EXPIReD

Click on the PAPERS to download the papers of the kit, click on ELEMENTS to download the elements of the kit.
Here is the list of all the other designers, you need to go to each blog and get there part of this awesome gift. If would also be great if you could leave some LOVE for us designers. It shows us that our work goes noticed and it's just not for freebie hunters.

Amber LaBau
Andrea - MemoriesByScraps
Brooke & Joni
By God's Design
Carol R
Crazy Diamond
Kathy Goldstein
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Lori J
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