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Friday, May 16, 2008


Good morning all, and happy start of the weekend to everyone. I am very excited today. Tomorrow we are have a big party for my husband who turned a half a century year old on Mother's Day. It's going to be the first time in a long time that me and my 3 brothers are all in the same room together, at the same time. LOL I am really looking forward to it. And it's going to be the first time in a while that Phil has been with couple of his brothers and one of sisters and their parents in a long time too. It's very exciting. I am so glad to be home and it's been so great to spend time with our families and to have kids for my daughter to play with. It's great that when we wake up in the morning and the baby asks, can we go to grandpa's house. LOL She loves her grandparents. She even went over there last Monday night to help grandma and grandpa plants flowers. When she got home she was so proud of herself that she wanted me to go back over with her so she could show me the flowers she planted.
I also have a new kit for you all. I have a great time making this kit cause it really describes how my life goes some days and I know if you all admit it, your life goes that way too some days. LMAO.
And it has the greatest quote in it too - "If you love someone put their name in a circle, not a heart, because a heart can be broken, but a circle goes on forever" by Brian Littrell.
I put a quickpage in the kit for you too. I will try and sometime either today or over the weekend get you all a freebie to go with the kit. I hope you all enjoy it. Have a great weekend.

Here is a preview of the quickpage

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Good Morning Everyone

It's Mother's Day weekend, and I want to wish everyone a very Happy Mother's Day. Thou I can't be with my mom, she is with me in spirit. It's hard when you don't have your mom around and mine hasn't been with me since I was 14. She passed away due to a bad car accident. It's times like this that you just sit and think of all the things in your life that you wish your mom could be part of. Take it from me everyone, never ever let a day go by that you don't tell the people in your life you love them. I see so much how people take for granted what they have and who they have in their life and if they only could see what their life would be like without that person, they just might change their mind to the way things are. I was lucky enough to have an aunt (my mom's sister) take and be my second Mom. She is a wonderful person. There hasn't been a day that she hasn't been there for me, just to talk or vent or anything. She has 3 grown daughters of her own, but there has always been room for me. She has also taken the part of nana to my daughter and treats her just like one of her other grandchildren.
I wish that every Mother out there is cherished tomorrow and every day. Mom's really are the strength that holds us all together.

Also wanted you all to know that Studio Style Designs is having a Mother's Day Sale this weekend. Some stores have some really great bargains, so you should go check them out.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What a morning

so far. I love my daughter to death, you know she is my life BUTTTTTTTTTTTt some days I could just pull my hair out. She is 4 and today driving me up the walls. You just want 5 minutes to do something without MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY. As some of you know we just moved, I am still trying to get my craft room unpacked and this morning wanted to work on it, cause my husband was nice enough to bring up the rest of the boxes from the cellar. OMG you thought I was gone from the house, she is in the room with me, leaning on me. I am like Kimberly go play, no mommy I want to watch you. Then I go downstairs, which her and her father have totally destroyed. So much for the house work I did yesterday. LOL have to laugh or you just want to scream bloody murder. Right now she wants to go outside and blow bubbles. Go, daddy is going with you but I can't get dressed, I don't know how, I want you to help me. No if you want to go outside, get dressed. But I can't, I don't know how to get dressed, I want my daddy to do it. All this drama at such a young age, can't wait for the teens. Daddy's trying to read the paper and she goes over and punches the back of the paper, which startles him. LOL Cause she wants to go outside, but refuses to get dressed by herself and daddy is reading his paper while she fools around, procrastinating about getting dressed. I NEED A VACATION. But have work to do, I hope you all have a great day. Suppose to be 70 here in Upstate, NY.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Happy Sunday Everyone

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Thou here in Upstate NY, it's been damp, rainy but the sun did shine for a little bit this morning.
I have a great opportunity for all my visitors. Have you ever thought about being on a creative team where you have 20+ designers to work with, instead of just one designer? Part of a team that is so much fun to be on? Doing something that you love to do, designing on the computer and scrapbooking? Getting free kits? Then you have come to the right place.
All you have to do is work with 2 kits per month, making 2 layouts with that kit, uploading those layouts to 3 online galleries of your choice, plus putting your layouts in the Studio Style Designs Gallery, and leaving love on other layouts in the studio style designs gallery. That's it. What could be more simpler than that, plus you get to keep all the kits you work with for FREE. And you have the opportunity to work on special projects. If your interested please email me at, in your email include a little bit about yourself, how long you have been scrapbooking, and 3 links to your online galleries.