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Monday, December 15, 2008

Holly Jolly Express

Late in getting this posted, had a dentist appt this morning to repair to old cavities and Dentist decided that one of the tooth need a root canal YUCK but didn't have it done, not now. Too much to, then earns to run. But here is my contribution to the Holly Jolly Express Train, I hope you like it.
Greatest part of this instead of a bunch of links on a page, you go here and it lists all the previews and links to go and download the kits.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Special Announcement

Have I got something special for you all. Do you like what you see in this preview?
Well if you do I hope that you will come over to K-Joi Studios and join me in the Color Challenge that I am hosting for the month of December. Just for participating in the challenge you will get this kit for free. When I picked the colors for this kit which are called Christmas Lights, I had a really hard time deciding what to do to as a posting bonus for doing the challenge. Then I just couldn't stop making things for the kit, I kept thinking of other things that would be really cool in the kit, and after 2 weeks of trying to get it done, IT'S DONE finally and decided I couldn't pick what to give out so I am giving the whole kit away. Computer problems, personal problems, but I finally got it done. And cause it took me so long, I am going to extend the challenge to the first week in Jan, to give you all time to do it with all the Holiday plans that will be coming up.
You are probable saying, well what is the challenge? LOL The challenge is really easy all you have to do is do a layout using the color pallet below or make a free mini kit that others can download.
Post your kit or layout in the gallery at K-Joi Studios, making sure to post in the challenge section in the forum so that I will know you completed your challenge and then I will get you the links for the kit. What could be easier than that. I hope you all will come join me.

Announcement 2
Studio Style Designs is having a wicked awesome sale from now till after Christmas, you need to go check it out.Announcement 3
I thought I would do all this in one post, give you all something to read LMBO
I really want to say thank you to all that left love on the blog for my Holidays at Home kit, I really really appreciate all the kinds words, makes me feel GOOD all over LOL.
Well come back on the 15th of December for the Holly Jolly Blog Train cause I have a contribution for that kit too. Merry Christmas everyone, yuppers all done babbling for now LOL

Monday, December 01, 2008

Aspiring Designers Blog Train

I am running a little bit behind this morning. We had a very busy weekend. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and weekend.
We had Thanksgiving dinner here at my house, my older brother and his family came, along with my in-laws. We had such a great time, my dinner came out very good, thou Tom decided to take longer to cook than he was suppose too, he came out so goooooooooood. LOL
Then on Saturday we had Thanksgiving dinner with my husband's family, his parents, 3 brothers and family and one sister and her family. Then on Sunday I went to Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunts, with her 3 daughters and family. Thou my aunt is like my mom, she had been since I was 16, she has always been there for me since my mom pasted away. Kelly just had a baby on Tuesday the 25th, it was so great spending the day with them and the new addition to our family.
I was so pooped last night I couldn't do anything LOL. So here is my blog train kit for December, I Hope you all like it. And I will have another freebie sometime this week. YES you will have to wait I am trying to finish it up but there is just so much going on.
Elements 1
Elements 2
Elements 3
Sorry this is one of those kits where I just couldn't stop making things for LOL
Adele of Blind Sight Designs
Adventures in Scrapland
Amanda of Amandas Scrappy Creations
Amie of Amiebear
Beckmoores Scrapalittle
Becky's Scraps
Bouquet of Pixels
Brooke at Ahhh Scrap
CMB Designs
Creative Digital Scraps by Chiara
Deanna at Flower Scraps
Digital Keepsakes
Doodle Designs
Elemental Pixie
EmCee Scraps
Erika {aka PinkuPixie}
HeatherStokes at HSDesigns
Jayden's Mama
JIC Creations
Just Another Scrap
Kathy Goldstein
Lei at Fairydustprincess-Magicmaker
Linda at Linda's Dream Designs
Lynn of Heavenly Crafts
Lynn at TMA
Manda at Disaster in Designs
Merrilee Wheaton Designs
MsBhvin Scraps
My Little Corner of the World
Oase Panda Bear Designs YOU ARE HERE
Pamela Yates at Pammy's Playground
Scrapping with Jen
Shabby Tagger
Shel at Shel Belle Scraps
Stacy at Kalo Designs
Teri at Teris Thing-O-My-Jigs
Wendi at Willow Grace Designs
WillowRaven at Purple Dragonfly Creations

Sunday, November 23, 2008

HUGE Awesome Sale

Come on over to Studio Style Designs for an awesome Thanksgiving BLOWOUT Sale.
Click the ad to be taken right to the front door.
Just in case I don't get a chance to blog before Thanksgiving, cause I am having dinner at my house and my older brother David, his wife Alice and their 4 boys are coming for dinner along with in my mother and father in law. It's going to be an awesome day but I have a ton of things to do. So here is my Thanksgiving wish for all of you. I hope everyone's day is filled with LOVE, Happiness, Friends and family and all the things that this wonderful day has to bring.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

As promised

HAHAHA for once I kept my promise to you all, I have a freebie for you. But first some news.
You need to visit my store at K-Joi Studios, I have my store all loaded with products and my newest kit Tinsel Town. And to finally celebrate my winning the design contest at K-Joi Studios my whole store for the entire week is 40% off. So go get it while you can save money to buy other things.
Here is your freebie, it's my very first Commercial Use product. I hope you all like and please leave me some feedback so I know how it was. Thanks for all your patronage. HUGS and KISSES
Click the preview to go to 4share to download. Have fun and it would be great to see what you make with it, send it to me and I will post them on the blog.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Check it out

We woke this morning to a gorgeous snow fall. The first one of the year. I have a layout I did to share with you but first some news.
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who gave me comments on my disastrous Halloween and to let you all know that on Saturday morning we went back to the vets and after about 2 hours we were able to get Smokey in the car and on our way home. So he is home very safe and sound and I might add very happy. God love um. LOLMy daughter, Kimberly, was just so excited to see the snow. She really hasn't had much experience with all the snow stuff. LOL Yeah in snowed in NJ but not like here in Upstate NY. It would snow and most cases within a couple days was gone. If it stayed there really wasn't much and turned to ice soon afterward. This is nice fluffy snow, Frosty type snow. :-)

I have a brand new kit in the store at Kjoi Studios and will be in Studio Style Design by mid week. It's called Tinsel Town. I had a lot of fun doing this kit.
Here is a preview.
I will have a new freebie for you either later today or tomorrow morning I just have some finishing touches to do on it.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Good Morning Everyone

I hope everyone has had a chance to check out my new store at K-Joi Studios. I still only have a couple things in the store but hopefully today I will be get more in.
You all need to check out the cool challenges there. I am hosting one called Color Challenge and you can get this free mini kit just for posting in gallery and message boards
I hope you all come over and check out the challenge, lots more gifts to be earned.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

My Horrific Halloween

I have had the worse Halloween/Anniversary ever. Yes my 8th Anniversary was yesterday and the day was just plain awful. First the dreaded period started, now that is always a wonderful thing to get on your Anniversary, then I woke up with a terrible cold. We had made an appointment for our cat to get fixed and he had to be at the vets between 7 - 8 am. My husband works nights so he had to get up to take the cat the vets cause I needed to stay home and get out daughter off to school.
I had ordered my husband a cake for our Anniversary, we went to pick it up and I had ordered it from the wrong Wegmans. We only had a little bit of time cause we needed to get to school for our daughter's Halloween parade. Plus there is terrible construction on the most direct route to take, but we made it back in time for the parade, after the parade we figured we would go to her class room and spend some time there before taking her home. WRONG, you had to be put on a list in order to go to her class room, now no where in any paper work that I recieve did it say you had to be on a list in order to go to the class room after the parade. OK we wait around till 3 pick her up and we go off to the Vet to pick up the cat. We get the beloved Smokey from the vet and we decide that why don't we let him out of his cage into the car, well the door didn't get shut in time and the freakin cat bolted out the door and you know the vet is in the country and the car parked right next to the woods. So the cat took off into the woods, mind you we didn't leave the vets till 4:50 to get home so the baby could eat before going trick or treating at 5:30. For almost 2 hours my husband roamed around in woods full of prickers trying to find the cat. NO CAT. So we left went trick or treating, after that we went back to the vets, mind you the vet is 20 minutes away. Still couldn't get the cat. What an aweful day. I love my cat.
We get up the this morning, I am sicker than a dog with an aweful head and chest cold. Off to the vets we go to try and get the cat again. We get there, I hear him meowing, I finally see him and get him to come close enough to grab him, couldn't get him in the car fast enough, before he got away from me. Now my finger is bleeding all over the place, he took a nice chuck out of my finger, scratches across both middle and ring finger and the cat is back in the woods. Then I notice the vet had leases hangin on a post outside, I grab one of them and 20 minutes later coaxed the cat back out of the woods, with a dish of food and put that lease on his neck. He is home safe and sound now pigging out in the kitchen on food. Let's hope the rest of today goes better, atleast we are off to a good start with the kitty being home, which makes me very happy.

Now on to your Nov Collab kit from Aspiring Digi Designers.
Here is my part of the kit After Dusk
Elements Papers
Sometimes it's hard being blonde, almost forgot the blog roll.
abyscraps by Sheila
Adele of Blind Sight Designs
Anne at Creative Dreams
Arvita's at Elam's Flights Of Fancy
Brooke at Ahhh Scrap
by God's design
Carolyn at Digi Cyber Scraps
Chiara at Creative Digital Scraps
Cindi @ vanjo designs
Cyndi, Wetfish Designs
Deanna at Flower Scraps
Deb AKA The ScrappinCop
Debbie at Digital Keepsakes
Diana at Sass n Scrap Designs
Erika {aka PinkuPixie}
HeatherStokes ~ HSDesigns
jeanniebs designs
Julia at BeaconScrap
Julie aka Bits 'N' Bobs
Kathy Goldstein at The Scrap Loft
Lady V dZine
Lei at Fairydustprincess-magicmaker
Lindas Dream Designs
Lois at ScrappinwithLadye
Lori at ScripityScrapDesigns
Lynn at Heavenly Crafts
Mags at MagsGraphics
Manda at Disaster In Designs
Marie at EmCee Scraps
melanie aka sweetasmel
Michelle @ Michelles-Angels
Michelle @ My Digital Fun Place
Missty @ Misstykal Designs
Monica at Random Inspirations
Nicole at Digi-Designs by Nicole
Scraping with Jen
Shabby Tagger
Shel at Shel Belle Scraps
Stacy at Kalo Designs
Sticky Kisses Scraps
Teri At Teris-Thing-O-My-Jigs
Wendi at Willow Grace Designs
WillowRaven at Purple Dragonfly Creations

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have been honored to receive 2 awards this week.
One from mISTYBELL and the other one is from Midnight Charms (Pamela). mISTYBELL was in the Design contest with me over at K-Joi Studios and Midnight Charms was also in the same contest. You should go check out all the great new designers over at K-Joi Studios.
My first award from mISTYBELLE is:
This award is called the "ProximidadeAward" or "Friendship Around TheWorld Award". Originally this award was written in spanish, but it translates to highlight blogs that are pleasing or special in some way, and also to extend the hand of friendship around the world. I am to pass this on to 8 different people, I will try my best as I don't think I know that many.
here are my 8 nomiated blogs for this award.
1. By God Designs
2. The Scrappin Cop
3. Scraps by Shilo
4. Dee's Musings
5. This and That
6. Tink's Trinkets
7. Camilla's Kitchen
8. Shel Belle Scraps
You have no idea how difficult it is to come up with 8 names and now I have another award to do. But that will have to wait till later but here is the award and it's from Midnight Charms

This one I will finish later.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Some Very Exciting News

Remember how I entered the Design Contest at K-Joi Studios, well I made it onto their design team. I am so excited. Thank you to all and any of you that voted for me and didn't even enough that you did LOL.
You should go check out the site cause this weekend they are having their 1 year old birthday bash, with some great challenges, prizes and introduction to the new members of the design team. Come and meet me. YEAH YEAH YEAH
Ohhhhhhhhhhh I am almost forgot. I have a freebie for you that goes along with week 1's entry into the design contest.
Here is the preview of week 1 design contest so you can fresh your memory.and here is my add on for the entry.

and you can download the PAPERS and ELEMENTS. Enjoy and leave some love, I love hearing from you all. And then you can go to the other contest's blogs and grab some more freebies that match entries they did.

21206D-Lizard Dau Designs

21879D-Digidesigns By Amberbaz
22170C-Panda Bear Designs YOU ARE HERE
22181A-April Dawn Creations
22342B-Camillas Kitchen
22660-Stacy Smileys
22896B-Lori Imel
22978-Schappys Scrapdesign
23075D-Stacey Crossley Designs
23494D-Cancer Moon Creations
24074A-Tripalee Designs
24301D-KatLen Kreations
24588B-Belanna At Odds
24789C-SandEz Creationz
24864A-Biebels Scraps
Melanie Of By Gods Designs

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Birthday Celebration

Come join all the fun at KJoi Studios this weekend for an awesome Birthday Celebration.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Studio Style Designs

Daily download is back. Well it started 2 days ago but me being the procrastinator that I am, didn't get a chance to tell you all about till today. But I do know from inside source that the links for downloads 1 and 2 are still active so go get them. The kit is really awesome it's called Hayrides N' Cider and the daily download matches 23 mini kits that are available a the store.
Here is a preview of the daily download and the mega kit.

Click on the images for a large view of them.
Studio Style Designs Store
Studio Style Designs Blog

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

As you all can see

by going to a lot of blogs Halloween has arrived. Me I am not that proficient in html to be able to change my backgrounds for the holidays, thou I would love too, just not enough time to do everything I want to do. LOL BUT I have a brand new kit and freebie for you all. Cool huh, I thought so. I love Halloween, it's my favorite day of the year. Why? Cause it's the only day of the year you can be whom ever you want to be and nobody makes fun of you. It's also supposely the only day of the year where the dead can walk among the living and if that means that my mom can walk beside me for one day of the year, I am all for it.
Just a bit of Halloween (I know, I know I couldn't come up with a better name).12 papers and 25 different elements. I love this kit, you get a little bit of scary and a lot of cutey for all those Halloween photos. See the paper - purple with the house and moon on it, I left the house and moon as a seperate overlay so you can remove it if you want and just use the purple paper.
I also have some really cool Monster Pics Frames and a Halloween freebie for you all. The Pumpkin patch border is part of the kit.

Then I have a great freebie for you all, a quickpage and some Halloween buttons. But it seems it's taking 4 share for ever to upload so might be awhile before you can download it.

Then if you can find time leave me some love when you download. Opinions are also appreciated.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Check it OUT Sweet Shoppe and Fall Splendor

I have 2 yuppers 2 collaboration kits for you this month, isn't that so exciting.
Here is the first from Blog Party called Fall Splendor. How this one works, is download my part of the kit, then click on the banner and it will take you to a blog that will list all the blog involved with the party along with all the previews of the kits. Have fun.
Elements 1 Elements 2 Papers 1 Papers 2 Papers 3

Here is Collaboration Kit 2 Sweet Shoppe
DOWNLOADS Elements 1 Elements 2 Elements 3 Papers 1

Make sure you check out Digital Keepsakes blog cause she did some fabulous quick pages using
my kit.
Blog Train list

A Zone for Digiscraps
Adventures in Scrapland
Andrea Whitt
Ann (mumsy)
Arvita Elam
Blind Sight Designs
Brooke & Joni of Ahhh Scrap!
Burkhart Scrapzone (Michaele)
Buzybee (Penny)
by God's design
Carolyn Ritter
City Scribe Scraps
Creative Digital Scraps by Chiara
Deanna at Flower Scraps
Deb aka The Scrappin Cop
Doodle's Designs
Erika {aka PinkuPixie}
jeanniebs designs
Jody of Munchkyn Scraps
Judith of Just Another Scrap
Kalo Designs
Kathy Goldstein Designs The Scrap Loft
Krystal of Scraps Sealed with a Kiss
Late Night Scraps
Linda's Dream Designs
Lynn of Heavenly Crafts
Mags at MagsGraphics
Manda at Disaster In Designs
Mandy at Scraps With Spunkitude
Mardesia at Crafter's Boutique
Melanie aka Sweetasmel
Melonie @ Designs By Mel
MJ at My Sweet Tater
Monica at Random Inspirations
Nadine at Scrappinmamma's Digitals
pandabeardesigns <~~~~~ You Are Here
Scrappy Cats at Moving ON
Shabby Tagger
Shannon of ScrappyShannon
Shel at Shel Belle Scraps
Silver Fae (aka Karen J)
Stacey Crossley
Teri at TerisThingOMyJigs
Three Bright Lights Design

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Week 4 Contest at K-Joi Studios

the last week of the contest is finally up and ready for you all to download for FREE. Please also visit the Forum and vote for your favorite 4 entries. You can also still vote for week 3 if you didn't before all the problems they had with the web site. I would greatly appreciate you all voting cause it might mean your voting for mine entry.
Visit the store HERE to download the entries. Thank you to everyone who has voted and are going to vote.
Here is a preview of week 4 entries.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time is running out

Ok if you want to get my parts of the Collaboration kits for the Zoo Spirit and Cornucopia of Colors you need to download them by 9/30/08. After that the links will no longer work.
But have no fear there will be another Aspiring Digital Scrapbook Designers collaboration kit called Sweet Shoppe and then I am part of another blog hoppin' party for another great kit called Fall Splendor. So be sure to check back on October 1st for more details and previews.
I want to THANK everyone who left comments on 4 Share and on my blog about both kits, you really make us feel good when you leave such nice comments, they mean more to us then you know. Thank you everyone. BIG hugs and kisses to you all.
Zoo Spirit
Cornucopia of Colors

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sweet Story to share

Last August when we found out that my husband was going to retire from the Military; we explained to our daughter; Kimberly, who was 3 at the time, that we would be moving home to where her grandparents, her Nana and other family members lived. She asked me one night if she could get a cat. (we had had 3 cats since her birth but they slowly passed away, we lost the last one in July 2007 when we moved from McGuire to Fort Dix). I told her yes once we get moved and settle we will get your a kitty. Then she proceeds to say, mommy it has to be white, have ears and a tail. LOL that was so funny.
We moved home and kept putting off getting a kitty. Going thur the animal shelters is no easy task, nor is it cheap. But something kept up from getting a cat, till July. Our neighbors were moving out. They had 3 cats, 2 dogs and some kind of bird. While taking with the girl that lived there, she told me that 2 of the cats they were going to be taking to the shelter cause they were unable to keep them. I talk with my husband and we decided we would take those two cats. I can't stand for any animal to have to go to the shelters any where. Kimberly was so excited to find this out. God was looking out for my daughter I can tell you that. One of the cats, Angel, is just as white as white can be. She is pure white, with one green eye and one blue eye. Very fisty cat too I might add.

She is just what Kimberly asked for, a white cat with ears and a tail. LOL She is one gorgeous cat. And then there is Smokey. (All growing up we had cats, and lots of them sometimes, my mom was a cat lover and all the cats that I owned where named Smokey. Everytime one would pass away, we would get another one and I would name it Smokey). How weird is all of this to you all too. LOL Smokey is a lover. The neighbor told me that he was an outdoor cat and that they found him on the side of the road a baby kitten, they hand feed him and everything, but always stayed outdoors. I just love him to death, he is so freakin funny. he will climb up on your chest and lick your face and even your lips, I know that is grose to some people but I find it so cute, sometimes. I really don't think they ever let him in the house or feed him cat food. Cause when we got him, his fur was all matted and grose. Now that he is been eating cat food, he has no more mats, his fur is just as soft as can be. Funny thing about him is, is feet and head are bigger than the rest of him LOL, he not very proportioned LMBO.

And this is a picture I took last night. I love this picture. They are both asleep.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hello Everyone

OK some weeks, I really stink at bloggin' LOL. It's been a wild couple of weeks. It all started with my baby's 5th Birthday. We had a combined birthday party with my cousin April and her two kids. Brasen and Taylor. They were both born in Sept. It was a really nice party. Lots of people and the kids had a blast. Check out the puss on my birthday girl
Doesn't she just look so happy.
Here is Brasen and his sister Taylor. Brasen and Kimberly are the same age. If you ask Kimberly if she has a brother she will tell you Brasen. They are very close. They went to pre-school together and are in the same Kindergarten class.

Then we had the first day of school. Which I survived but not by much I can tell you that. I was so worried all day long it wasn't funny. All I could think was she wasn't going to get enough to eat and that she would get on the wrong bus. But I was wrong on both parts. She got on the bus and didn't even turn around to say goodbye to me or her daddy. All she wanted to do was go to school. How funny they are.
Her first bus ride to school

First day of school, which was only a couple hours and we got to go to school with her. Meet her teachers, principal and some other teachers at the school. We got to have lunch we with her and then we all went home.

And last week, every day I said I was going to blog and I didn't, I always got busy doing something else. I was really bad on Thursday and Friday, I decided I was going to have those days to myself. I watched more TV in those 2 days then I have in the last 10 years. You know TV during the day is very boring LOL.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Cornucopia of Colors

Guess what it's that time again. The great designers of Aspiring Digi Scrapbook Designers have done another collaboration kit for all of you. This kit is awesome, you will have lots to scrap all those fall layouts. Here is my preview my contribution to the kit. LINKS EXPIReD

Click on the PAPERS to download the papers of the kit, click on ELEMENTS to download the elements of the kit.
Here is the list of all the other designers, you need to go to each blog and get there part of this awesome gift. If would also be great if you could leave some LOVE for us designers. It shows us that our work goes noticed and it's just not for freebie hunters.

Amber LaBau
Andrea - MemoriesByScraps
Brooke & Joni
By God's Design
Carol R
Crazy Diamond
Kathy Goldstein
Lioness3 Legacies
Lori Imel
Lori J
Michelle Blagg
Nancy Schmidt
Oase <~~~~~ YOU ARE HERE
Scrappy Cat
Virginia Higgins

Saturday, August 30, 2008

If you haven't already

You can go vote for your favorite contestants work at K-joi Studios. There is some awesome work done by the contestants. Don't forget you can download all of the for FREE.
to vote click here VOTE
to see the all the entries click here GALLERY if you scroll to the bottom you will see where you can see all of the entries for week 2 together and week 3 together.
to download them go here DOWNLOAD
And here are the previews of what you can download and vote for
Plus Studio Style Designs is having a HUGE and I mean HUGE sale going on this weekend, which you don't want to miss. My store is going 50% off everything I have. Get it know while it's all good. LOL
Go and check it out Studio Style Designs

Friday, August 22, 2008

Special Event at Digital Scrap Connection

Digital Scrap Connection
Digital Scrap Connection - Digital scrapbooking ads - In list format!

Mona - DSC Admin has invited you to the event 'Tropical Punch Giveaway - Kick-off Chat' on Digital Scrap Connection!
Hi All, In addition to the chat on Friday morning there are two other designer chats scheduled plus a Layout Contest in conjunction with the Tropical Punch Giveaway! Visit DSC for details!

Tropical Punch Giveaway - Kick-off Chat Time: August 22, 2008 from 10am to 11am
Location: Digital Scrap Connection
Organized By: Mona - DSC Admin

Event Description:

Designers have teamed up to bring you a special mega-kit for free! Join us on Friday, August 22nd in the Chat Room at DSC for our Tropical Punch Kick-off! You will receive the link to download the Tropical Punch Mega-kit and have the opportunity to win other prizes!

See more details and RSVP on Digital Scrap Connection:

I am hosting a chat Friday night at 8pm EST till 10 pm EST or later depending on the activity. I Hope you will join me. We have some awesome quick pages to give out. and the contest is great with some great prizes being awarded.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Roses For Tom

Here is my new kit that I have talked about, Roses For Tom. This kit is in loving memory of my dearest friend Tom, who past away unexpectedly in July. I am sure some of you read it on my blog back in July. Tom's favorite thing was gaudy Italian pieces, Roses, Victorian. His favorite colors were peach, hunter green, mint green and rose. I used a lot of what he liked in this kit. I am sure your going to love it, as I do. And a long with the new kit is a freebie that matches it.
Here is a preview of the kitAnd here is a preview of the freebie

Click on the preview to go to the download.