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Saturday, January 31, 2009

CT Call

I am looking for one or two people who like my kits and would like an opportunity to receive them free for doing some layouts. If your interested in being on my Creative Team email me for further details. Barbie7412 at

Also was asked to be part of a new store that will be opening soon called Michelle's Angels. So I will be selling there shortly as soon as I get everything up and going LOL. When you have time come check out the store as it will be opening soon. Look for more information on this.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend. We are suppose to get snow all weekend.
YEAH Superbowl Weekend. What better way to spend Sunday then munching all day and watch the greatest commercials. HeHeHeHeHe

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Got A Freebie for you All

I know I know, little behind in everything this year. Just can't seem to get my butt in gear. I won't be in this month's blog train again. Between cleaning house, cleaning the computer, reorganizing files etc etc time just got away from me. But I promise I will be in it next month.
But I put together a little freebie for you all. Here are some Valentine Elements if you would like them just click on the button to get them. Enjoy. I hope everyone is having a good New Year so far.
link has expired

Also working on a new kit, which will be done in a couple weeks, I hope. Also been working on a project with Micha from K-Joi Studios, you are going to love this and will be showing that soon too. Hugs and kisses All.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Waving Hi to all you out there

:-) I am working on something new and trying a new adventure but more on that later as news come in. I hope to have something for you all really soon so just bear with me.
But I do have something really cool to share with you all, I got this email from my mother-in-law and thought it was was really good info to share with you all, I loved it.


Coffee filters ..who knew! And you can buy 1,000 at the Dollar Tree for almost nothing.

1. Cover bowls or dishes when cooking in the microwave.
Coffee filters make excellent covers.

2. Clean windows and mirrors. Coffee filters are lint-free so they'll leave windows sparkling.

3. Protect China. Separate your good dishes by putting a coffee filter between each dish.

4. Filter broken cork from wine. If you break the cork when opening a wine bottle, filter the wine through a coffee filter.

5. Protect a cast-iron skillet. Place a coffee filter in the skillet to absorb moisture and prevent rust.

6. Apply shoe polish. Ball up a lint-free coffee filter.

7. Recycle frying oil. After frying, strain oil through a sieve lined with a coffee filter.

8. Weigh chopped foods. Place chopped ingredients in a coffee filter on a kitchen scale.

9. Hold tacos. Coffee filters make convenient wrappers for messy foods.

10. Stop the soil from leaking out of a plant pot. Line a plant pot with a coffee filter to prevent
the soil from going through the drainage holes.

11. Prevent a Popsicle from dripping. Poke one or two holes as needed in a coffee filter.

12. Do you think we used expensive strips to wax eyebrows? Use strips of coffee filters.

13. Put a few in a plate and put your fried bacon, French fries, chicken fingers, etc on them.
Soaks out all the grease.

14. Keep in the bathroom. They make great "razor nick fixers."


Monday, January 12, 2009

Hello Happy Happy New Year Everyone

I know it's been a few weeks since I posted. So much has been going on the last few weeks.
It all started the week after my birthday. The computer came down with several viruses and worms. It was a horrible mess. I spend a week just trying to get the computer to run. I had Christmas presents to finish, cards to make and well lets just say I went out and bought my Christmas cards and I haven't done that in about 10 years. It's still now running completely right but it's a whole lot better than it was. This week I am spending the time to really, I mean really clean out this computer and get it back running smoothly again. Gee, I have too I can't afford a new one, but I would love a new one LOL.
If you ever get into a mess with your computer, I recommend SpyHunter. You have to pay for the program but it's well worth what you pay for it. Getting technical support for anything these days is like pulling teeth. I am suppose to have life time technical support on my computer, I paid for it, but when you call them, we don't cover that. Then what do you cover, and your lifetime technical support is bull crap. I had 2 really bad Trojans that would not leave my computer. LOL I mean no matter what I did they just came back, time and time again. Well I emailed, SpyHunter and they wrote a program, sent it to my SpyHunter program and after a couple tries the Trojans where gone. They helped me for 2 weeks cleaning up the mess on this computer. They were totally awesome. I would recommend the programs.
Then with the holidays and visiting people time just got away from me, before I new it, it was Christmas. The baby had such a blast and it was so much fun to watch her open her presents. She loved her doll house. I think we did a good job this year. Thought I wish I could have gotten her the one gift she really wanted but just couldn't afford it this year. She want that new dog Biscuit, (she has been reading the biscuit books from the library), but being the dog is 169.00 dollars, there was just no way this year, maybe next year.
I decided that I needed a break, having a bit of down time. I have some things I need to take care of that I have been putting off. One has been cleaning this computer out and a few other things that need to be taken care of. I am going to try really hard to do the ADSD Blog Train cause I did miss it in Jan, with all the things going on and problems with the computer I just wasn't able to do it, but hopefully for Jan. I want to do something for K-Joi Studios mega kit, they are doing a Mardi Gras theme and a new color challenge for Feb. I hope to also get something done for a freebie but we will see. I might change directions all together in my designings cause things are going as well as I hoped but I will have to wait and see what happens.
I really hope you all had a great Christmas and your New Year brings hope, love and many many great friends into your lives. I also want to thank all my fans, it really makes what I do worth while. Hugs to all.