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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My thoughts for the day

I have really bad anxiety about this move. I will admit it I am a pack rat. But the husband isn't to some extent and he said to me just get rid of stuff. LIKE what I said, I can't throw anything away cause know as soon as I throw it away I will figure out a way to use it. OMG I have so much rubber stamping, scrap booking supplies, not to mention the crafts I have purchased for me and my daughter that are age appropriate for her, all the crocheting stuff, tole painting stuff, computer stuff. I really hate the thought of having to move again. So what do you do? I know I won't get rid of anything but to be honest I did throw out a bunch of stuff when we moved here back in July. Plus you have all the new toys from Christmas, toys my brother was suppose to come and get for his kid back 2 years ago that I could have sold. My mind is just going around and around today thinking of all this crap that has to be packed and then unpacked and a new home for it find. I think I really need some really good drugs LOL either that or the funny farm here I come.
We have to go home in a few days to even find a place to live, which should be fun.
I am worried about my baby, she has been in the same daycare place now for almost 3 years, they love her there and she really loves to go, she calls it school. I don't look forward to taking her out of there cause they have been so good to her there. She has learned so much being there. It just breaks my heart to have to take her away from there. And I felt safe with her being at the daycare center. They do preschool along with daycare so it was great and it was something we could afford. I even hate the thought of trying to find another daycare program/preschool program that we can afford. So that is all my mubble jumble thoughts of the morning while drinking my ice coffee, now I need to get some work done. Trying to get a head of the game on designing cause only God knows how long I will be without my computer. That is going to drive me bongers, already trying to figure out a way to take all my files and program with me. That's another dilemma. LOL All the things to think about, I could babble for hours but won't bore you to death that much. I know I know your all saying Thank God on that account. I bid farewell for the day. Hope you all have a great Wednesday.


Ms. Kari said...

*stoppin by on the DSO blog train*
I can totally feel your pain on the moving thing. We're military & get to move about every 3 years. I have SO much paper scrapping stuff..I'm dreading this next move. lol

Angel said...

riding the blog train =)
Oh MY! I so know how you feel - I hate moving too!! Always the dreded weed my stuff out, darn husbands, they just don't get our stuff!! I feel for you!!
Good luck on your finding a new home & the move! Just think it should be the last right, since you guys are retiring!?!
Have a good day!

Veelana said...

For us, its the other way 'round - my hubby is the biggest packrat I know...
I totally get what you are saying about daycare. It is so special to find a place like this - but beeing a childcare provider myself I can assure you that there's more than one - you'll find one again :-D

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Passin' thru on the DSO blog train :) I feel for you on trying to decide what to take and what to toss, I hate moving! We have done our fair share of it.

Shannon said...

Sorry to hear 'bout the move - we haven't had to since we got married, but are going to have to seriously consider it once DD reaches school age. On a different note, if you have a FreeCycle network in your area, that might a workable option for items you need to send to a new home but don't want to toss - plus they come and pick it up! :)