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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yet Another Day

It's been little over week since my last post or close to two weeks LOL. We still haven't had much luck finding a place to live in. This has been a tad more difficult than I anticipated. We have an appt today at 1 to see another house, lets hope this one is a good one. We did however find a really nice one the only draw back is it is a futher out into the country than we want to be. I would like to find a job outside the house once my daugther goes to school in the fall and I can't do that if I am living way out in the country. But the house was really really nice. LOL Not much storage though. Who knows what is going to happen, I just know I need my BED and my stuff. It just seems like I am wasting all this valuable creating time cause I don't have my stuff to be able to create anything. I am going to put one of my programs on my aunts computer so atleast I can do some things, it doesn't allow me to do much but I will make do, atleast I can do something to relax. I have watch more tv in the last month than I think I have my entire life. LOL It's driving me crazy, if you know what I mean. I am going to try really hard in the next few days to give you all a freebie. Let see how that goes. Hugs to everyone and thanks to all that are praying for me and my family. KISSES too.


LouCeeCreations said...

crumbs girl, it must be frustrating for you! it must be really hard not being able to get creative, I'd hate it too, if I couldn't play on my comp, hope you get your chance to download fun stuff to play with on your Aunt's comp lol!
sending luck your way to find your perfect home, hugs to you.

Kim B said...

WOW- sounds like a hell of a two weeks-LOL. GOOD luck with the house hunting- AND TOOT TOOT-

DigiLover said...

I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have my daily fix with being on my old faithful computer so I really sympathise with you.

Don't blame you with getting sick of TV - so much rubbish on there these days it's almost not worth having a TV in the house - I'd rather be on my computer too!!!

Best of luck with your househunting and I hope you find the perfect one real soon

TOOT TOOT!!!!!!!

Veelana said...

I really hope you get a place to set up your computer soon - I hate it when I can't create!