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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Funny Story about Kimberly

I have a really cute story to share with you all about my daughter, Kimberly. Kimberly's bottom teeth have been loose for a long time and she just doesn't play with them enough to get them to fall out. Her permanent teeth have grown in behind  her baby teeth on the bottom. In Feb she was out sledding in our back yard with her cousin, Brasen.  Brasen decided to run in front of her while she was sledding down the hill and she crashed into him, knocking her front tooth out of her mouth. It was just the tiny bit loose. It kind of traumatized the poor kid, to have blood dripping from her mouth, her hand was all bloody. Poor Kid.  Now there is no hope to get her to get those bottom teeth out.  First tooth gone and we told her we would write to the tooth fairy to let her know that her tooth was lost in the snow. She was so worried that the the tooth fairy wouldn't be able to find her tooth.

 A couple weeks ago, Kimberly told me that she was having problems seeing the blackboard at school and I had noticed that she was standing and watching TV in front of the TV. So we decided to take her and get her eyes checked, well she is nearsighted.  Yesterday we went and picked her up from school to go get her first pair of glasses. She looks so cute in them.

We decided to take her to Apple Bee's for dinner, she has been doing really well at school. While there she went to the bathroom and came out saying, "Mommy I lost a tooth, and can't find it" Oh no not another one, she lost one of her bottom teeth in the bathroom, but I think she might have swallowed it and not realized it.
So she said to me, "Mommy can we write the tooth fairy another letter and let her know that I lost my tooth here in the bathroom, I said of course. Now again she is worried the tooth fairy won't find her tooth again.,
This morning she comes running up the stairs to show me she has lost another tooth. Her other front tooth fell out sometime during the night and she can't find it. She said to me "Mommy, do you think I will ever have a tooth to put under my pillow? "I am making a lot of work for the tooth fairy."  poor kid. And I do think she has swallowed this one too, cause it wasn't in the couch or on the floor. My darling little girl.


fulton said...

I know the first one was traumatizing, I'm so glad Miss Kimberely has gotten over the shock of losing her teeth now pray they stop falling out soon.

the Purple One said...

Oase, that is too funny. You will have the cutest pages to scrapbook with that!!
Love kids!